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Warm Reminder

Warm Reminder
Recently, due to the change of the epidemic prevention policy of the Chinese government, many workers have been infected with COVID-19, so that our factory and warehouse labor force has plummeted.

Near the Spring Festival holiday of the Chinese New Year, many workers suffered from COVID-19's infection, which led to the decline of their physical resistance. They asked for leave to go home or recuperate at home.Early warning information: the construction period of many new styles of our clothes has become longer, and the production period has taken longer.

As the Chinese New Year approaches, we estimate that the express delivery company will also increase in cost, based on past experience.

So we again suggest our dear customers:
1. If you need to stock up until the Chinese New Year is over, or prepare some goods for sale in your time, we suggest you start stocking up in the near future or this week, and deliver the goods to your warehouse before the Chinese holiday.
2. As the Chinese holidays are approaching, express companies will also increase their freight standards according to the holiday time, so if they still want to use the current price, they must place an order as soon as possible to lock in their prices.
3. Our factory and warehouse work until the last time, until all orders of our customers are completed, and the delivery is completed before the holidays. So don't worry about our production capacity. As long as we have enough time, we can complete the goods we negotiated.

Wish our customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Good Health,and make more money together in the coming year.

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